Whole Body Dentistry Available at Sunnyvale, CA Dentistry!

Your mouth plays a significant role in regards to the health of your entire body. Unresolved dental issues in particular can negatively affect a patient’s overall health, leading to secondary health problems that require additional care from your primary physician.

As a result, effective dental services are those that contribute to the patient’s total body wellness. At the Sunnyvale dental office of Dr. Ratna Indah, our team is committed to providing patients with dental treatments that consider your overall health, not just the health of your smile. 

Biocompatible Materials

Providing patients with total body health through multi-faceted dental care begins with using the right materials. At our amalgam-free dental office, Dr. Indah and her team use only biocompatible materials during each procedure, ensuring that patients are not exposed to harmful products. 

To assist patients that may have already had an amalgam filling placed, we offer safe amalgam removal in accordance with the guidelines set by the IAOMT. By removing these metal fillings and replacing them with composite restorations, patients can reduce their exposure to harmful mercury vapors which can cause secondary health problems.  

State-of-the-art Equipment

Innovative technology is frequently integrated into the different procedures, ensuring an improved patient experience in terms of both comfort and effectiveness. For example, ozone dentistry is utilized to treat dentin deterioration, tooth sensitivity, and gum lesions while improving oral health. For patients requiring extensive periodontal care, soft tissue dental lasers are also used to remove bacteria and efficiently clean the periodontal pockets. The results is a healthier smile free of decay-causing bacteria.

Modern Procedures

Our team is constantly striving to improve the overall patient experience through minimally invasive procedures. One of our newest procedures is the Chao Pinhole® surgery which is used to treat gum recession without the need for scalpels or sutures. Instead, a small hole is made in the patient’s gum tissue, through which special equipment is used to loosen the gum line so that it covers exposed roots. Virtually painless, this procedure is minimally invasive and allows patients to correct exceptionally toothy smiles in just one visit to our dental office.  

Multi-Faceted Collaboration

Accurately addressing the long-term implications of your oral health requires taking a multi-faceted approach to dentistry. To help patients truly address the cause of their dental issues, our team works with local health specialists to ensure comprehensive, total body wellness.   

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Taking care of your body begins with effective dental care. For more information about our whole-body approach to dentistry, contact Dr. Indah and her Sunnyvale dental team today to schedule your next dental appointment