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Dr. Indah corrected my gum recession using the Pinhole technique and I am so pleased with the results. Dr. Indah explained the procedure and i am amazed with the results in even just one day post surgery. I had no bleeding or swelling afterwards and the procedure was painless (as pain free as it gets). It's only been a day since my surgery and i can already see the improvements. The best part is that I now have healthy gum and well on my way in recovery in just a few short weeks. if not for Dr. Indah and her expertise in Pinhole surgery, I would never had my gum recession corrected using traditional gum grafting. Thanks to Dr. Indah and her caring staff, i now get to keep my teeth forever!
Michael W. 6/26/2015

Dr. Indah is very knowledgeable on holistic dental treatment. I came in for teeth sensitivity treatment using ozone therapy. What impressed me was her ability to read my teeth history without me telling her a lot of things. She was able to see problem areas right away just from the pictures she took during the first visit without having x-ray done. She can interpret teeth and figure out whether it could be allergy issues or sleeping habits, history of orthodontia or gum issue. She suggested treatment plans that is safe and explains everything in detail. After the ozone therapy, we did a test of drinking cold water. It took down the sensation from avoiding anything cold to I can drink it comfortably now. I feel the most relaxed being in a dentist office, getting worked on and learning that there is a better way for dental care without using drills!
Yoevita W. 3/27/2015

I don't usually write reviews, but this time I'll make an exception. I didn't think it was physically possible to do more than tolerate a dentist, but I really like Dr. Indah. She called me back a day or two after a recent emergency visit and said, that tooth I said you were going to lose? I've been reading the research, and I have a plan to save it. And she did. And that's not to mention that I feel I'm in genuinely good company whenever I visit. Best. Dentist. Ever.
Stephen S. March 5, 2015

Fortunately, in this conundrum of medical information and endless supply of prescriptions for absolutely every ailment known to man and women, there is clarity and care. Dr. Indah is a light in the fog of information. I have suffered for decades with my TMJ. She is honest and forthcoming with information that I can use to help in my personal decisions having to do with my TMJ. She is a specialist in this field and can relieve such discomfort and anxiety that eating is once again a pleasure. She made it her life's work to assist others in something that has been a problem for her as well. She is pleasant and honest and so extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. Indah for being here when we need you. The office staff is so helpful and pleasant and easy to deal with. Please do yourself a favor and check with her before you make any major dental decisions. You will be surprised and glad you did.
Shirley O. 2/12/2015