Ozone Dentistry

The Power of Ozone

    Ozone is a powerful, naturally-occurring gas used to sterilize, desensitize and remineralize by eliminating offending microorganisms. Most common in Europe, ozone (also known as O3) is now popularizing in the United States now that it has been approved by the Food & Drug Association. Controlled ozone applications have been found to be safe and free of side effects. Not a single adverse side effect has been recorded since its release! O3, an activated, excited form (tri-atomic) of oxygen, continues to prove to be deadly amongst bacteria, viruses and fungi. Treatment is utilized for a wide variety of areas such as early decay therapy, tooth sensitivity, canker/cold sores, bone infections and much more.

    Dr. Indah began utilizing ozone in March of 2015 for dentin remineralization, gum lesions, tooth sensitivity, as well as areas outside of the mouth with positive results. It has greatly changed her course of actions on saving oral health from children to adults. Staying realistic, ozone greatly aids in beginning stages of diagnosis along with patient cooperation of oral home care. It should not be looked on as a cure-all and does have its limitations. Ozone can also be used as a liquid or oil form.

    In example of how O3 would most commonly be used, gas would lightly be blown onto decay to penetrate and kill bacteria that are present in the micro enamel tubules. Over the  next several months, before bacteria has a chance to regenerate the decay, minerals naturally present themselves in the saliva (or in various filling materials) which then remineralizes the decay, turning it back into healthy tooth structure.